Condominium Design Contraints


  • In North America we use the imperial system, not the metric system, for construction 12″=1′.
  • Wall studs are 16″ apart on center (OC).

Utility Room

  • HVAC 20″x26″
  • HWT 20″dia
  • W/D 24″x28″
  • 30″ clearance required in front of utility appliances (in case of needing repairs)
  • 6″ clearance required around back and side of HVAC, HWT, W/D
  • Laundry sinks adds $5000
  • Utility rooms are placed near building core , not adjoining windows

Plumbing Considerations

  • Wet rooms are place near the building core, not adjoining windows (to avoid freezing)
  • Pipes are expensive. minimize distance by sharing wet walls for kitchen/ bathroom/utility.

Bathroom Considerations

  • Bathroom should be accessible from main living area because the condo might be small enough for you to walk there from your bedroom.
  • En suite master bathroom not recommended because it takes too much space and your friends will walk through your messy bedroom.
  • Powder room (2pc) by front door if included.

Hallway, Door and Light Switch Considerations

  • Minimize hallways because they are wasted space
  • Light switch inside room (except closet ) on door handle side
  • Doors open into room, against a wall if possible because space behind door is wasted

Kitchen Considerations

  • No window in kitchen- you’ll need the upper cupboard space
  • refrigerator cannot be beside the dishwasher or stove

Closet Considerations

  • You need a coat closet by the front door
  • Optimum depth for a closet with a sliding door is 18″
  • Closet includes a 12″ deep shelf
  • Hanger rails sits 2″ back from the front shelf
  • Minimum width for a walk is closet with shelves on both sided is 18″+18″=30″ walkway
  • Sliding door openings are typically 60″ wide

Window Considerations

  • Windows cannot be wider than 6′
  • Optimal width for windows is 4′
  • Windows must be more than 6″ from floor or ceiling
  • Condo floors are poured concrete, so HVAC vents are in the walls under the windows


Picture below shows my design of an 800 square footage condominium. (4o’x20′)