Steps in setting up the transit:

  1. set up tripod over reference point
  2. attach transit (hold handle. not scope. Don’t let go until it is secure!)
  3. level with round leveling bubble
  4. level with plate leveling bubble
  5. turn 90 degree and level again with plate leveling bubble
  6. confirm reference point with optical plummet

Steps in calibrating the transit:

  1. turn on power
  2. line up on rod with optical sight
  3. focus eyepiece to see the vertical, centre and stadia lines
  4. focus scope on rod with main focus ring
  5. lock horizontal rotation
  6. OSET horizontal angle to zero degrees
  7.  adjust scope to 90 degrees and lock vertical rotation

First readings:

  1. record location, date, team members. device serial number
  2. establish benchmark
  3. set up rod
  4. measure central stadia line elevation
  5. measure S1 and S2 elevations
  6. record L, S1 and S2
  7. calculate and record distance to rod [D=(S1-S2) x 100]
  8. measure distance from benchmark to rod with tape
  9. record tape distance
  10. compare scope and tape; they should match.below photos shows parts of a transit and the left hand thumb rule.